Helping Entrepreneurs Grow Organically Using Proven Methods to Increase Revenues, Reduce Sales Costs, Remove Risks and Improve Forecast Accuracy and Predictability by Focusing on:

1) Rational Efficient and Quantifiable Cold Calling,
2) Rapid Relationship/Trust Creation,
3) Urgency Creation with Value-Based Selling and ROI Modeling, not Discounts,
4) A-Player Sales Hiring,
5) Active and Practical Deal Qualification,
6) Sales Process Speedup with Frictionless Sales Methods to Improve Qualification Timeframes,
7) Sales Incentives and Compensation Plans Review and Change Plans,
8) Team and Individual Sales Productivity Coaching,
9) Complex Deal/Proposal Audit and Improvement,
10) Sales Call Scripting & Sample Set Testing to Create Baseline Results
11) Salesforce and other CRM Tools Assistance that Lever Selling Power (standup, reporting, dashboards, table merges, Snapshot Reporting)
12) Enabling Technology Accelerators for Sales (AI, Analytics, Automation, Transcription, Coaching, Training, …)

The Seven Questions Sales Qualification – a BANT enhancement

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